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Senator BAD...

When I was a child, I used to wonder what went on in a woman’s head; what made them smile now and frown 30 seconds later? How can the same thing that makes them happy make them irritable in a matter of minutes? And I’m not talking about my mates or the young that aren’t sure what they want yet, rather, I refer to the mature, smart, serious, ambitious women. Fast forward 15 years and I still wonder what goes on in a woman’s head, especially when it comes to us, men!

A random sampling of 50 girls/women of all ages and races, you ask them the same question(s) and you may find 50 different answers. Some similar and some so far apart that you’d wonder if they’re both women. Anyway, all women agree on one thing, that men cannot be understood as well. But regardless, we have to coexist…

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Senator BAD...


Everyone writes to his or her unborn child but in my not so humble opinion, they forget to write to the other most important person in their unborn child’s life. To extol the unwritten minority, I’ve decided to address this oversight and write to my unborn child’s father. Here it is (it’s in a mixture of Yoruba and English – I’ll try and translate as much as I can):

Oko mi

(My husband)

Olowo ori mi

(My crown)

Baale mi

First off, let me congratulate you – you took your eyes to the market. You’ve found yourself a rare jewel – one that won’t tarnish or loose its splendour as long as you burnish it the right way. In case you were wondering, I’m talking about me. Secondly, I just want to thank you for choosing me to spend the rest of your life with you. It may sound subservient, but make no mistake it…

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Trial Run

So this is the maiden edition of my blog. i got the inspiration to open this when my life took a fashion turn, i got a modeling contract *yipee* :). so i have always been a complete fashion recluse….. i know how to put pieces together for other people, but when it comes to dressing myself up, i get a fright.. like umm wot the hell do u think you are? a fashionista “laughing”. i have friends who always tell me that i know how to dress and all that B.s but deep down i know i’m nothing like that *rolling my eyes*… so my blog is to help people who are like me i.e the way i was before, and help them go from drab to ultra chic. there is a lot to telling all of you tho but you have to go with me on this journey of my transition to fashion!!!!

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